Wet N’ Wild, Orlando, Florida – A Great Family Day Out

Great Family Day

Orlando, Florida is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. There are loads of attractions to suit just about everyone and it’s a kid’s paradise – both big and small. One attraction that gets raved about is Wet ‘n’ Wild, one of the best water parks in Florida. It’s an aquatic delight that boasts water flumes, superb pools, fun slides, and lots and lots of sun loungers. It’s the best attraction in Orlando for kids of all ages.

The Kid’s Park is ideal for tiny people to play in with all the fun things that adults enjoy, only made kid-sized and this includes an exciting ride, the Surf Lagoon wave pool. But there is something for everyone at Wet ‘n’ Wild from high adrenalin rides to leisurely boat trips down the Lazy River.

Wet ‘n’ Wild water park is open all year round which is great for families who want to plan a getaway when the crowds are fewer. One thing to remember is the park is very popular so be prepared to queue for the most popular rides at any time of the year. Some of the pools are heated when the weather is cooler and there are lots of them to choose from.

The Park is Ideally Situated Close to Other Attractions

Ideally situated on Orlando’s International Drive, the water park is close to hotels and many of Florida’s great attractions including Sea World Orlando, Universal, and the Walt Disney World Resort.

The rides are brilliant with some of them being high adrenalin experiences, whereas others are a little more sedate – but one thing you can be sure of, is all of them are world-class rides which are why the park has earned the reputation of being one of the best in the world. Below is a list of the rides to whet your appetite:

The Black Hole: The Next Generation

If you are up for a high adrenalin rush, this is the ride for you. The ride starts off with an explosion of lights as two-seater capsules blast off to thrilling limits. It’s a space adventure ride that’s ‘high on cosmic energy.

Brain Wash

This is another high adrenalin rush where up to four people in a tube get taken for the ride of their lives, dropping down a 53-foot vertical drop and into a massive domed funnel.

Bomb Bay

This is a ride and a half where people enter into a capsule that resembles a bomb. The floor then drops away and the capsule plunges down a near-vertical slide that’s 76-foot high.

Bubba Tub

The name of the ride may sound sedate but this is a great family ride that boasts a six-story, triple-dip slide – the tube is large, so perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Bubble Up

Think massive bubble and you have got this ride in a nutshell. It’s the perfect ride for the kids who can climb and bounce around and then slide down to the pool below which is a safe three feet of water.

Der Stuka

This is the park’s speed slide – it’s six stories high and people get to ‘free fall’ down a superb 250-foot slide before gliding to a halt along the specifically designed 115-foot gushing water runway.

Lazy River

For people who like the gentler things in life, Lazy River is great. It takes people on a nostalgic river trip past some amazing scenery that includes an old Florida boat dock, some great rustic billboards, and delightful waterfalls, all superbly replicated to look incredibly real.

March 5

With a selection of three flumes that in total measure 1,700 feet of twisting and turning over thrilling rides that end in sudden splash, Mach 5 is a thrilling experience and adrenalin rush.

The Flyer

Four people can toboggan down 450 feet of water courses and banked curves; it’s a ride that’s not for the faint of heart.

The Storm

This is a fast ride that drops down from an elevated chute into a massive open bowl-like pool that spins people around in circles before splashing them down to a landing.

The Surge

Another thrilling ride where 5 people ride in a tube down five stories and through 600 feet of turning, twisting water, and banked curves.

Have a Fun Full Day at the Water Park

Wet ‘n’ Wild is all geared up for families to have a full fun day at the water park with food and drinks available on-site. This includes hamburgers, hotdogs, and tasty BBQ sandwiches as well as lots of salads in between. There’s also a gift shop that sells everything people need in the way of souvenirs, sun creams, and much, much more.


With so many great attractions in Orlando, there’s never a dull moment, it’s advisable to hire a car as Orlando is very spread out, and offers are here for car hire.

It does not get any better than spending a day (or two) in a thrilling place like Wet ‘n’ Wild. A visit there just adds to the whole Florida experience.

There really is something for the whole family at the water park with the reassurance that fully trained and certified lifeguards are on duty to make sure things run smoothly.