Taking it Easy on a Honeymoon in Brazil

Honeymoon in Brazil

After all the stresses and strains of a wedding, most couples look forward to their honeymoon as a chance to unwind and relax. No more worries about catering, whether Grandma can manage the stairs, or whether the band (or bride!) will turn up on time, just a chance to spend some quality time together and let everything sink in. With relaxation firmly at the top of the priority list, it’s no surprise that honeymoons in Brazil are overtaking former favorite destinations like the Caribbean as a newly-wed favorites.

Beach time is top of most people’s lists, and Brazil’s Atlantic coastline offers thousands of miles of opportunities for you to enjoy some of the world’s best beaches. From Porto Alegre and Florianopolis in the south to Pipa and Porto Galinhas up near the equator, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a beach for your Brazil honeymoon. If you travel with a specialist in tailor-made honeymoons, like RealBrazil, then you can build your honeymoon around the perfect beach for you!


Right down in the south of Brazil, Florianopolis is possibly the coolest city in the country, even though very few people outside of Brazil have heard of it. It’s like a heady mix of Seattle and Hawaii, with lots of hi-tech and IT jobs but with great weather, fantastic beaches, and some of the best surf in the world! Because it’s almost as far south as you can go in Brazil, it has quite defined seasons, so if you’re planning a summer wedding in the UK or US then the corresponding winter weather in Florianopolis (in the southern hemisphere, remember) will be a little cold to get the best out of things, but if you’re enjoying a winter wedding in the north then Florianopolis just couldn’t be a better honeymoon destination, especially if you’re a keen surfer.

Porto Galinhas

Up at the other end of Brazil, the long white sandy beach of Porto Galinhas is regularly voted as Brazil’s best. Located just outside the northern city of Recife, it’s a picture-perfect tropical paradise, with clear warm water, clean sands, and palm trees topping the dunes that lie behind the beach itself. No huge surprise that some of Brazil’s best resort hotels have set up shop here, then, and it’s a definite favorite both for honeymoons and more general beach holidays in Brazil. Just remember that if you’re after some quality relaxation time you might want to stay clear of the more family-friendly hotels.


In total contrast to Porto Galinhas (except, of course, for the general loveliness of it all) is the small colonial town of Paraty, situated roughly halfway between Sao Paulo and Rio. Here, you swap the long unbroken beaches of the north for dozens of gorgeous little coves, where the Atlantic rainforest almost tumbles down onto the beach. Most of them have no road access and so can only be accessed by little water taxis, so you arrange a fee for the boatman to drop you off and then arrange a time for him to come back and pick you up, leaving you free to enjoy your Robinson Crusoe fantasies all day! Paraty itself is a lovely little colonial town with cobbled streets and historic mansions, several of which have now been turned into great boutique hotels.


Another favorite is the Buzios peninsula, which was initially made popular in the 1960s by Brigitte Bardot. Today it’s a popular weekend retreat for Rio’s well-to-do, who are attracted by the variety of small beaches in the area, and by its sheer proximity – at just a couple of hour’s drive from Rio it’s easy to fit into almost any honeymoon or holiday in Brazil. The beaches range from sheltered coves perfect for sunbathing, to livelier beaches facing out into the Atlantic, which are fantastic for surfing! Although no one would say that Buzios offered the best beaches in Brazil, they’re more than good, and the ease of connections with Rio, plus the great range of boutique pousadas make it a favorite choice for many.