George Hannon

George Hannon
I'm a lover of words, people, and travel. On my journey, I've learned lots of things that others haven't, which is why I started blogging daily on this site back in mineteenage.

Navigating Edinburgh’s Festivals: A Guide to Stress-Free Minibus Travel

Edinburgh, a city renowned for its vibrant festivals, beckons locals and travellers alike to immerse themselves in a celebration of arts, culture, and creativity....

5 Killer Happy Hour Joints on the Chicago River

Nestled along the picturesque banks of the Chicago River, the Windy City boasts a vibrant happy hour scene that's not to be missed. With...

Embrace Unparalleled Luxury at a Luxury Hotel in Bangkok

Luxury travel enthusiasts, get ready for an extraordinary journey to the heart of Thailand's vibrant capital, Bangkok. In a city where traditional charm meets...

Preparing For a Trip The Proper Way

Preparing for a trip requires much time and energy, from wrapping up projects at work to packing your suitcase and planning out an itinerary. Establish...

Safely Navigating the US: A Comprehensive Guide to Traveling with a Handgun

As an American citizen, you have the constitutional right to bear arms, a right that is accompanied by necessary responsibilities. Whether you're moving across...

Exploring Bangkok: Must-Visit Places and Where to Stay

Thailand is a popular destination for tourists, offering a wide range of accommodation options from budget-friendly to luxury hotels. Bangkok, the bustling capital city,...


George Hannon

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