6 Things You Didn’t Know About Boston


There are a lot of things about Boston that make it unique. You may know some of these things; it’s a huge college town that practically empties out during the summer. It’s the birthplace of the revolution, and there are many American artifacts throughout the city. However, there are some things in and about the city you probably don’t know.

The First American Lighthouse

Most people think that the first lighthouse in America was probably erected on one of the islands, on Cape Cod, or somewhere in Maine. However, the first lighthouse in the country was actually built in Boston Harbor. This lighthouse was built in 1716.

You’ll Have a Hard Time Finding Fast Food

In Boston, food is a big deal. In fact, it’s such a big deal that fast food is hard to find. Instead, restaurants in the area focus on bringing residents and visitors better quality meals. There are over 850 restaurants in the city, but only about 40 of them are fast food joints. Instead, you’ll find a variety of different cuisines to choose from.

The City of Neighborhoods

If you’ve ever heard Boston referred to as the City of Neighborhoods, it’s no joke. There are 21 official neighborhoods in the city, and who knows how many unofficial ones. Each of these neighborhoods has its own distinct personality. So no matter which neighborhood you’re considering, you can always find Boston real estate @ www.bostonpads.com.

There is No Happy Hour

Happy Hour doesn’t exist in Boston. In fact, there is a law against the practice. So, if you’re out looking for some specials during the day, make sure you look for specials, and not for the words Happy Hour. Calling a time of the day Happy Hour can get you fines, or in some cases even get an establishment shut down, so it’s simply not worth the trouble. Lunch deals, food specials, and price breaks on drinks still happen, though. You just have to look for them a little harder.

An Old City With Young Citizens

The majority of the city is young. In fact, about 72% of the city is under the age of 44. The median age of citizens of Boston is 31. This has to do with the fact that so many people living in the city are college students. If you take out all of the college students in the city, there are only about 600,000 people living in Boston year-round.

A Boat, Train, Car, and Plane

Boston is the only place in the world you have the opportunity to see a boat pass under a train, which is passing under a car, which is passing under a plane. This can happen on the Boston University Bridge. The bridge is constructed in a way that if everything is lined up just so, these four vehicles can be stacked for a moment.

Boston is a city with a long history. It’s also a city with a unique and interesting presentation that you simply have to experience to really understand.