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Where to Hike and Trek in Tibet?

Treking ‘the roof of the world ‘ is not easy. The altitude, weather and rugged terrain present the big challenges. If you are up to it, hiking past nomad tents to remote settlements will take you out of the China’s manic modernization and into an older Tibet. The following will present you the two classic route for your hiking and trekking journey in Tibet.

Ganden to Samye Monastery

It is a very classic route between the two of Tibet’s most important monasteries. The trekking route has much to offer: the lake, beautiful alpine landscape, the view of lamas and pilgrims, the herders’ camps, sacred sites as well as two of Tibet’s greatest center of religious culture. Taking the bus from Lhasa about 1 hour, you will get to Ganden. Your journey will start from the car park at the Base of Ganden Monastery. Leave the car park and look for the trodden trail heading south along side of Angkor Ri, the highest point on the Ganden kora. It was once the pilgrims’ road to Samye Monastery. It takes local herdsmen by horses or yaks about 4 to 5 days to get to Samye Monastery.

You will follow the route: Ganden Monastery, Yama Do, Tsopup-Chu valley, Herders’ Camps and Samye. In the first three days, you will pass through many herders’ camps in Dazi area. On your way from Tsopup-Chu valley to Herders’ Camps, you will witness herders’ tents camped near the spot where the side valley coming from the Gampa-la joins the main valley. The trail from Herders’ Camps to Samye is wide and easy to follow as it traces a course down the east side of the valley. The view here is very beautiful and the weather is fine.

The best time to trek this route is from mid-May to mid-October and the entire distance is 80 kilometers.

Dode Valley, Lhasa

It is hard to imagine a better way to spend half a day in Lhasa, with the best view in the city.

From the Sera Monastery, you can made a great half-day trek up to the Sera Utse retreat above the monastery and then around the bridge to the little-visited retreats of Dode Valley. From Sera the steep relentless climb up to the yellow-walled Sera Utse and takes you about one hours and then take the path towards the Choding hermitage and branch off to the left before you get there.

Dode Valley will provide you the untouched natural view.

The above two treking route is very favored by adventure lovers. Before your trekking journey, you should prepare some essensial stuff such as high-calorie chocolates, sunblock, drugs to avoid the altitude sickness and sleeping bags if the trekking journey takes your over two days.