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Trip to Goa and Gangtok Tour – Bring Out the Wildlife Enthusiast in You

Feeling to be an avid explorer? Want to discover wildlife legacy? Take a trip to Goa or head on to Gangtok tour to calm down your fancy. Both these places boast abundance of natural treasures and are home to exotic flora & fauna. Scroll down the page and read what Goa and Gangtok offer for lovers of nature and wildlife.

Goa: Though the state is far-famed for its golden sandy beaches and pulsating nightlife, it has a lot in store for nature-lovers & wildlife enthusiasts. Surrounded by lush green Western Ghats, the state boasts a fecund topography full of rich wildlife. There are three wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, which have been the treasure trove for wildlife enthusiasts. Popular places to visit in Goa, for wildlife enthusiasts, are:

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary: This sanctuary, along with a national park, covers an area of 240 sq km, and is located about 55km from the capital city Panaji. Home to an exotic range of flora & fauna, this territory attracts wildlife photographers and nature-lovers from far-corners of the country. The highlights of the park include big cats, deer, elephants, Malayan giant squirrels, Gaurs, monkeys and black panthers. Lord Mahadev temple, Dudhsagar falls and Tambdi falls are popular tourist attractions that the sanctuary is home to.

Bondala Wildlife Sanctuary: You would love this place for its excellent arrangements for wildlife protections and sources of fun & pleasure for every visitor. Spread in an area of 80 sqkm, the sanctuary has a natural deer park, a jungle resort and beautiful parks to give visitors a delightful feel. Elephant rides and deer safaris are offered for kids and family vacationers. For those of you inclined towards wildlife can explore various rare species of animals, birds and reptiles.

Gangtok: Serene and scenic Gangtok has long been in wish list of honeymooners and nature-lovers. Snow-covered Himalayan peaks, lush green valleys, shimmering streams & waterfalls and unsurpassable culture & religion fascinate each and every visitor. Apart from that, the region is known for its exquisite wildlife and natural beauty.

Himalayan Zoological Park near Gangtok is a great place for wildlife-lovers. The place is a semi-natural habitat of various endangered species of animals and birds. Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Red, Tibetan Wolves, Pandas, Civet Cat, Barking Deer and several other animals can be spotted behaving naturally in this park.

Fambong La Wildlife Sanctuary, about 20km from Gangtok, is another must-visit attraction for nature lovers. Rich and varied flora and fauna of this sanctuary is truly a treat for avid explorers. Among common wild animals that can be seen here include binturong or bearcat, civet cat, Himalayan black bear and red panda.

People who opt for trekking through natural trekking trails near Gangtok get to explore various enchanting landscapes and species of birds and animals.