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Top 5 Safari Spots And Packages in Tanzania

A perfect way to spend a summer abroad with your family would be Tanzania. Far away from the blaring of horns, traffic signals and jams, work load pressure and the usual din of day to day life lies Tanzania. A dream Safari destination, with pristine beaches and dreamy locales, Tanzania lives up to every one’s expectations. A perfect way to spend summer, Tanzania has a lot to offer other than Safari. These are what’s best in Tanzania:

Mount Kilimanjaro: Highest peak in Africa, it lies in Tanzania has three volcanoes; two extinct and third, Kibo lies dormant. Kilimanjaro is host to six different ecological systems. First expedition to the summit took was very long of more than six weeks compared to what climbers today do in six days. What is really a matter of concern is the receding ice cap. It has been estimated that ice cap will completely disappear from the top by 2020. Global warming is the main culprit here. No Tanzania Adventure Tour Packages is complete without a climb to the top of the mountain. The view of Africa from the top is anything but breathtaking.

Serengeti: the best place for game viewing; it also hosts great African migration from Tanzania to Kenya. A yearly spectacle, it is very popular with the tourist circuit. That does not necessarily mean that you’ll be looking over someone’s shoulder for a glimpse of the mighty. Even at peak tourist season and at most popular destination, there is enough animals to go around. Tanzania Safari Packages are best here with abundance of wildlife and plenty of big five spotting.

Zanzibar: Historically, Zanzibar played important role in slave trade. It served as an entry point for Europeans to take Africans to be sold in Slave trade abroad. The capital city of Stone Town has been accorded the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful architecture. City’s skyline is filled with wonderful sights of architecture. Holiday Packages in Tanzania often start here. Another reason to visit Zanzibar is the beaches on the shores of Indian Ocean. Regular water sports activities can easily be undertaken as there are many shops that provide tourists with supplies.

Masai Mara: Masai Mara is a community of tribal with roots dug deep into the African soil. Masai people have historically survived on animal meat that they eat raw. But recent changes in government policies and education has lead them to switch to conventional methods of farming for survival. Masai’s farming techniques are well renowned in environmental sectors. Their method does not harm either the soil or the nature. In fact, it helps enrich the environment.

Ngorongoro: Home to critically endangered Black Rhino, Ngorongoro is a crater which encloses many different species within its boundary. A national park, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another good place to get Tanzania Safari Packages. Go Discover abroad is currently offering huge discounts on Holiday packages in Tanzania