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Three Famous Dubai Safari Tours

The thrill lovers are always seeking for some activities that can boost up thrill and joy in their lives. Thanks to Dubai, which offers every thrill lover a chance to try a safari in Dubai and have fun. When it comes to Dubai safari then you are able to find three famous safaris. Check the detail of each safari in Dubai below.

Hatta Mountain Safari

It is a safari that permits all thrill lovers to take an entry into Hatta Mountain. This safari is quite popular among those who love to spend their time near mountains. This trip can be divided into two main parts: first part includes dune bashing in Dubai desert and second part allows a person to take part in wadi bashing. A visit to Hatta village is quite amazing since you get a chance to see some old architecture of Dubai. In addition, you are able to taste wonderful cuisines of Hatta Fort hotel during a launch. There are many eye-catching fresh water pools in the lap of Hajjar Mountain, you get a chance to enjoy a refreshing dip and dive experience there.

Morning Desert Safari

Thrill lovers always want to go for morning Dubai safari since this excursion makes it very simple for them to spend some time in vast desert. They are able to have fun through a quad bike ride. The people over age 18 can easily hire a quad bike and then move it all across desert for almost 15 minutes. Camel riding experience will be indeed unforgettable for you, you would love to discover the locality of Dubai desert by sitting on the back of Desert Ship. The most exciting part of morning safari is to do sand boarding. Get your sand boards, pick the highest dunes, use your body force and start skating over sand and dunes.

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

It happens many times that families avoid overnight journey of Desert. However, this journey is quite exciting for thrill lovers. They like to travel across quite and cool area of safari late night with their buddies. At this point, no risk is involved in this excursion as tour operator remains concerned about his customer’s safety and protection. He takes all possible measures to safeguard his guests. When a person goes for overnight safari then he is in a position to not only enjoy sand boarding and dune bashing but also sheesha smoking, Tanoura dance, belly dance show, importantly, this excursion make it easy for thrill lover to spend a day in vast desert of Dubai. A traditional desert camp is fully carpeted and you can get sleeping bags for enjoying a comfortable stay in Dubai desert.