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Things to do in Tokyo, Japan Without Burdening Your Pocket

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. It is very well known for its cleanliness, polite behaviour, culturally enlightening but very expensive. Tokyo has been considered as one of the most expensive cities around the world. But actually there a lot of things that can be done by staying within the budget, sometimes free, in Tokyo.

It is the extra cleanliness and customer services going beyond imagination, that makes Tokyo such an expensive place to live in. Even if you do not spend much, you will be treated in the best possible manner, be it getting respect from the taxi drivers or being attended by the retail store clerks who will willingly hand over the products purchased by you face to face. It is this attitude in the people of Japan that makes you feel like a king.

Save on traveling

As we all know, Japan has the best technology when it comes to bullet trains, and with better technology comes higher pricing. You might upset a lot of your budget if you wish to travel every single time for conveyance in bullet trains. There are many slower trains available that can be used and are much more affordable as well.

Savor the flavors of Japan

Visiting Tokyo and not relishing the taste of sushi? Sushi is one of the most popular cuisines available in Japan. Though it is now available in different parts of the world, but the flavors there are totally different. You can easily find many food joints that offer you with healthy and hygienic food at affordable prices.

Some of the best things to do for free!

There are many more things that you can do either free of cost or at affordable prices, and these things are totally worth spending time on.