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The Blue-Collar Husband

The dedication, focus and also, care that you’re going to get from a blue-collar husband is going to be very different and very precious. Many of the times, he is going to come home and you’ll get the smell of old copper pipes even before he gets into the house. These hands are going to be very rough because of how hard he works under different houses repairing the systems. He is going to go to bed very early because he’s very tired especially after dinner ends. Very early in the morning, he will be the first one to wake up and will be about his work before anyone has gotten out of bed. In the early high school years, he did a lot of work about professional acting and he wanted to be a professional actor when he grew up. this is when the relationship started between us and that is how I knew him. Because of the professional acting career he was interested in, he met a number of professional actors and ask them about how the family life was.

The answer from the professional actors about their family life was the turning point about his life and that is why he decided to become a blue-collar worker. Because there is no stability in acting, the family can really suffer if you are an actor and because of that, it’s possible that your family life is not going to be very great. It’s possible that you could get a gig that could pay you enough money to cover the bills per the same time, lack of the gigs could mean that you had to wait tables. Upon understanding this, he decided not to pursue the acting career again because of what he saw. He went on to pursue a degree in business management and this is the best that he had. After taking the degree, his grandfather was 85 years old handed down the plumbing business to him and because of that, he decided to take it on.

He was now able to get all the necessary certification from the state and therefore, he became a professional plumber as I did some technical writing. Through taking about five years understanding the plumbing career, he was able to work with the grandfather to gain experience. However, after understanding and building the business to successful heights, we are now able to enjoy a lot of great family time and there is a steady supply of income.