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Indian Wildlife Tours – A Journey to Experience Wildlife Much Closer

India is a heaven for wildlife enthusiast and nature lovers as it has a number of incredible wild animals. With a vast variety of terrain, flora and fauna in 99 national parks, 43 tiger reserves and more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife photographers and adventure junkies get zest for wildlife holidays in India. Hence, we can say India is a paradise with a vast variety of flora and fauna including thousands species of insects, butterfly and frogs as well. The aficionado of wildlife can enjoy the wilderness and get intimate with nature through wildlife tour packages of India. The vastness of the wildlife and wilderness of Indian national parks is unparalleled in the world. A vacation in tiger reserves in India will give a brief about the nature and its creatures closely. The wealth of wildlife can best be seen with the sight of majestic elephants, dancing peacocks, camel stride and roar of the tiger is the gem of the crown.

If you get goose bumps with the image of dark, dense forest, crackling bonfires, nights in tents and sight seen of wild animals then you must spend wildlife holidays in the jungles of India. There is nothing much enthralling than a Jungle safari in a prominent national park of India which gives a glimpse of living of your favorite animals. One day-night experience with the animal kingdom will be a mesmerizing event and will make you close to the wilderness. Watching birds and animals in their natural habitat is an experience which must be taken by everyone once in life, no matter you are a travel enthusiast or not. The living and adaptation of nature can be best learnt by them.

Indian forests and wildlife sanctuaries played crucial role in the conversation of endangered species too. Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, Indian cobra, snow leopard, Siberian crane and one-horned rhinoceros are some of the animals and birds which can be found only in Indian national parks and bird sanctuaries. From the Himalayan Region to the Andaman Island, national parks and bird sanctuaries are stretched over in India. From the Jim Corbett to the six national parks in Andaman, every park has its own specific feature and wildlife reserves which give a different experience of adventure and thrill to the visitors. Ranthambore in Rajasthan and Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh are some major attractions of tourist in India which witness number of visitors every year. Sunderban is a UNESCO world heritage site which splurges Indian wildlife in the world and it also takes pride in calling itself the largest tiger reserves in India. India is not only a home for the tigers but the 80% of the entire population of the one-horned rhinoceros resides in the Kaziranga, Assam.

All these national parks and bird sanctuaries are promoters of wildlife tourism in India. Travelers do enjoy their bird watching holidays in bird sanctuaries which have hundreds of species of birds and also share views of migratory birds with native birds. Thus, we can say India wildlife tour is a journey to experience wildlife much closer.