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How to Become a Hot Air Balloon Pilot?

Ever thought about taking to the skies, spending your days looking down at some stunning views. Whether over quaint countryside, bustling cities or red-hot deserts you’ll always be surprised by the beautiful surroundings. Which is why so many people decide to become pilots of hot air balloon rides.

It’s not a job like any other, flying an aeroplane doesn’t offer stunning views of the world below – instead you usually get some nice white fluffy clouds to occupy your view. Whereas taking the helm on hot air balloon rides gives you access to all natural beauty, and depending on where you decide to fly you can see all different types of views.

Becoming a pilot isn’t as easy as it seem however. Hot air balloon rides can be extremely dangerous and as a pilot, you are responsible for keeping a large number of people as safe as possible. So a lot of hard work and dedication is needed before anyone can become a qualified pilot. Read on to find out exactly what trainees need to learn before qualifying.

Learning From Experience

Being in charge of hot air balloon rides is just like all other professions, the best way to learn is through experience. Don’t think that because a pilot is on board the balloon at all times that they are exempt from learning all the other jobs that go into getting a balloon into the air. Trainees have to start from the bottom and work their way to the top. Which is why anybody looking to start becoming a pilot should join a balloon company as an apprentice. This is a great way of getting yourself into the ballooning world and shows you are keen to learn as much as you can, whilst on the job.

As an apprentice you will be expected to spend time learning how each role works, including the pilots but also the ground crew. This is important so every team member knows exactly what the other members are doing and when to ensure the balloon is safely inflated and deflated before every flight.

Taking Examinations

Hot air balloon rides are extremely popular and thousands of people travel all over the world in order to experience what they have to offer in different types of climates and cities. So it’s imperative that only those who are capable and qualified man hot air balloon rides. Which is why it is necessary for trainees to pass both written and practical examinations before they can qualify.

A practical flight examination may sound daunting now, but every trainee must pass one. The flight is undertaken with an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) qualified examiner on board, so they can accurately examine each individual. Once this and the necessary written examinations have been completed, and successfully passed, there’s nothing stopping you from jumping into a balloon and taking to the skies!

Hot air balloon rides are amazing and thrilling experiences – which is why they’re so popular! The views and the feeling of floating above the ground give every passenger a thrill of a lifetime. By becoming a pilot, you can achieve this same feeling everyday. So now you know how to become a pilot, why not actually go and do it?