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Get Thrilling Adventure Holidays Ideas In Garhwal Himalayas

Himalayas, the mountain smaller ranges of the world have captured the nerves of many adrenaline junkies worldwide. Encapsulating a pair of peaks, Garhwal Himalayas are the friendliest and searched among travelers. Snowy mountains as Bithartoli-Himal (6354 m), Nanda Ghunti (6309 m), Pico Ranthi (6003 m), to name a few alternative options for people looking for a getaway in the lap of Garhwal Himalaya. Moreover, trekking in Nanda Devi, one of the famous and highest peaks of Garhwal offers the adventure lovers, the chance to have a glimpse of the ethereal beauty of Auli bugyals, the valley and Lata village and forests Urgam rhododendron, birch and spruce. Moreover, the mountainous terrains are suitable for climbers offered a fair opportunity to scale heights and set limits on a test.

In addition, the Garhwal Himalaya () Trek routes Dodital have met for the adventure lovers worldwide. Located at an altitude of 3024 meters above mean sea level, Dodital is among the beautiful places in Northern Uttarakashi. All Dodital land is surrounded by clear waters and surrounded by dense forests of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendrons. Another point of interest is that utters Roop Kund hiking mysterious and fascinating. The tourists are left spell bound by the incomparable beauty of the Garhwal region. Other places that add to the charm is Har Ki Dun and is recognized as one of the most famous trekking destinations, the place is located in the western part of Garhwal, at the base of Fateh Parvat. The whole place is surrounded by dense forests of pine, deodar and other coniferous. The major snow covered peaks that can be viewed from here are Swarga-Rohini, Bandarpunch and Kala Nag.

Other features are beautiful rhododendron valley, a paragon of ethereal gorgeousness vacationers and provide ample room to test their climbing caliber. While this part of Indian Himalayas attracts the attention of fans of adventure, a hard physical and a good level of fitness are key requirements for success in hiking. So if you are thinking for going for a holiday in the Himalayas, Garhwal Himalaya is best, as this is the only way through which you can have a glimpse of natural beauty and friendly people. All you need is to have a strong mind determination, a nice tour package and the company of loved ones, which could ultimately catapult your adventure into a memorable experience.

India has always been favorite travelers of all types. It has been attracting tourist since ancient times. Here tourist can experience all type of adventure activities which you hardly find in another part of the world. If you are one of those who adventure lovers who is waiting to shoot adrenaline pumping adventures amidst breathtaking scenic beauty in India cannot be compared to the other part of Uttarakhnad. This paradise region is also known as “Land of God”, a peaceful paradise where every thrill seeker can participate in a lot of activities such as outdoor adventure skiing, rafting, trekking and cycling.

Being nestled in the heart of the mighty Indian Himalayan ranges, it is perfect adventure tourist spot and a diverse milieu of flora and fauna delighting every kind of adventure seekers. Here you will find abundant greenery, lofty mountain, snow caped mountain tops, turbulent snow feed Whitewater Rivers, gently flowing mountain streams, lakes makes it a perfect holiday destinations.