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Exploring Victoria Falls on Elephant Back

Of all the ways a visitor to Victoria Falls could experience the scenic beauty of this natural wonder, an elephant-back adventure has to be the most unique and memorable. As you explore the area on the back of nature’s most majestic animal, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the wild from an elephant’s perspective, making this type of tour truly unique. Here is an introduction to elephant rides in Victoria Falls:

There are several herds of African Elephant in the Victoria Falls area, offering visitors the unique opportunity to ride one of these majestic giants through the area surrounding the falls. These elephants have been specially trained to accommodate human riders and are generally placid and gentle giants who offer a safe experience to those who ride them. Elephant rides in Victoria Falls have become extremely popular as tourists experience the wild from a new perspective.

Elephant rides in Victoria Falls usually depart at sunrise or lunch time, and last about half a day. As the elephant and trained guides lead you through the terrain they know so well, you will be amazed at the bond that can be formed with these gentle and majestic creatures in just a few hours. Elephants are intelligent animals with a great ability to navigate terrain even with a rider on-board. Contrary to some of the bush legends that describe these creatures as volatile, most trained elephants provide their riders with a relaxing and extremely enjoyable ride through the area surrounding Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River.

Selecting the right elephant and elephant tour company is an important step for every traveller, as the most reputable companies train their elephants to a high standard and also ensure that the animals are well-treated to ensure that they react positively to human beings. Elephants are sensitive creatures and respond very well to training and good treatment, making elephant rides in Victoria Falls a pleasure as long as a reputable company is chosen. Your travel agent or hotel will be able to recommend a good elephant tour company which will make your trip to Victoria Falls unforgettable.