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Explore the Wildlife of Africa with Kenya Safari Holidays

It is said that you get the best of Africa from Kenya. Indeed, the safari Africa famous to the world is all in Kenya. Aside from the endless safari adventures you want, you can also enjoy days in the beach, in just one luxury adventure travel. Kenya safari holidays assure you of ultimate adventure, safari, exploration and unforgettable experience in the wilds.

You can expect a Kenya safari vacation full of outdoor adventure activities. Here are five great reasons why you should choose Kenya as your next destination holiday;

Mount Kilimanjaro – You can start your Kenya safari adventure with a ride to the foot of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and watch African elephants slowly amble in the reserved Amboseli National Park. You can either ride or take a boat to the Amboseli. The park is also ideal for bird watching as it is home to over a million flamingoes and over 400 other bird species. You can make a side trip to the marvelous Ngorongoro Crater that can afford you fantastic views or the land below.

The Big Five – All of the five biggest beasts on the earth today are found in the wilderness of Kenya. The rhino, leopard, buffalo, lion and elephant are freely roaming the country. Experience close encounter with the beasts by traveling on land across the savannah, on jeeps that can afford you to explore the land and in the company of beasts.

Bush Adventure – Get ultimate immersion to the wilds by spending several days and nights midst wilderness. You can enjoy several outdoor adventure activities like guided nature walks and drives or just laze around the bush, warming under the African sun and watching wild cats, hippos, porcupines, zebras, giraffe or maybe one of the big five come your way. Tented camps with bathroom facilities can be found near Tsavo West National Park and Tanzania.

Masai Mara – Enjoy the scenic beauty of the land through a jeep ride or you can opt for the more leisurely and panoramic experience of traveling on hot air balloons or chartered planes. The plane is dotted with majestic trees, moving wildlife that includes zebras, gazelles, giraffes, around 1,400 species of birds and the big five among acacia and grass.

Mombasa Beach – A beach is hardly what you would expect with Kenya safari holidays. But after days of exploring the dusty planes of Kenya, you can indulge in a pampering retreat in the warm beaches of Mombasa. With elegant hotels and attentive staff, you can leisurely conclude your luxury adventure travel with style.