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Experience The Bio Diversity in The Mangrove Forest of Sundarban

Traveling to tourist destinations during the holidays often creates confusion while selecting the place of visit. This is even more difficult while planning for small tours on weekends or in the midst of festivals like Holi or Janmashtami when people get a couple of days to enjoy their outings. Since it is a hectic job to for making reservations in hotels and trains due to huge rush it is better to plan the things well in advance. Visit to places like Sundarbans, Digha, Mandarmoni beaches can be very refreshing this season to spend some precious moments with family and friends.

Sundarban is one of the few important locations in West Bengal known for its ecological importance apart from being one of the favorite tourist destination recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The mangrove forest of Sundarban is the largest in terms of area and density in India. The Sundarban tour package is perfect for weekend holidays with two different categories viz. 1 night & 2 days and 2 nights &3 days. The special attraction of this travel destination includes visits to distinctive mangrove areas to witness the exotic range of flora and fauna account of the place. The extensive jungle safari is a must to experience the rare Royal Bengal Tiger species.

There are many physiographic attractions in the Sundarban forest area. The Gangetic delta is the biggest attraction in this connection. The marshland with the presence of breathing rooted Sundari (Heritiera Fomes) trees and golpata plant species contribute to the major forest area of the place. The rich floral account is comprised of some rare species including Sonneratia, Exocoecaria and Nypa. Among other common plant species are the palm, kankara, dhundul, and khagra are important in the region. Travel through these areas is a bit difficult in case you are a first time visitor. The Kolkata tour operators make provisions for arranging vehicles to ensure safe and hassle-free journey.

The place is treasure of wildlife including different aquatic species such as the salt water crocodile, gharials, Mugger crocodile, Gangetic Dolphins and Sharks. There is rich presence of different kinds of animals scattered in various parts of the forest area. The Chital deer, Flying Fox, Common Gray Mongoose, spotted deer and the Rhesus Macaque are worth mentioning in this regard. The visitors to these areas can explore the opportunity to have a glimpse of some avifauna species such as the Sea Eagles, Fish Eagles, Water Hens, Green Pigeons, Pintails and many others.

The Sundarban forests are close to Kolkata so people from far distant places need to reach the city before boarding their vehicles for the journey to the place. People can contact the travel agency in Kolkata to acquire the necessary information about the place; weather conditions, availability of facilities etc. Those who are not well acquainted with the region can accompany someone who has previous experience of the journey. There are guides available from various trusted sources to provide all sorts of information during the entire period of the journey.