January, 2017

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Planning Your Next Fun Vacation

When you think about traveling what exactly comes to mind? Do you instantly envision yourself on a beach near some palm trees while you listen to the ocean waves crashing against the shore? What about a landlocked lake with equally as appealing beaches? The great lake region in the Midwest is known for their soft sand beaches. Perhaps a vacation for you includes white water rafting or hiking up a mountain side. There are all types of day expeditions in the mountain ranges within the United States. The Smokies, Rockies, and Cascade regions all offer these amazing views and local wildlife.

There really is a lot to consider when you are trying to plan out your vacation. On top of the destination and type of activities you plan on participating in you also have to decide how you will get to your vacation. Trains, plane or automobile are the most popular and there are ways to go about all 3. If you plan of flying you should start paying attention to airline deals as soon as you decide on your vacation. If you can trade in any credit card points towards reduced rates this would be the time to inquire. Train trips can be interesting ways to travel because of the scenic areas you will pass through. This can be a pricey option and you will need to acquire a rental car once you reach your destination. Automobiles are the most economical way to get to your vacation point. You can use your own or rent one. This gives you the freedom to save money, stop along the way and discover off the beaten path road side attractions that you otherwise would never have known even existed. If you have a camper then you can hitch your car to …