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Steps Involved In Filing A Medical Insurance Claim

Medical insurance is taken out so that incase the insured need medical attention the costs may be covered by the insurer. This policy is meant to settle the mind of the patient to enable them get well faster because they don’t have to think about the costs. The costs are distributed between the two parties by terms that were designed and agreed upon entering the contract and act as guidelines.

On entering into the contract, the insured pays periodical premiums to the insurer. In case the insured now wants medical attention, it is the work of the insurer to cover the costs and honor the agreement. An insurance claim is used to settle the doubts and become evidence for the transaction. Filling in the claim yourself and sending the paper work to the insurer is one of the two methods there are of treating a claim. The second method is the most convenient one where the medical service provider is linked electronically to the insurers network and they submit your claim there.

The filling of a claim is done on a number of steps. The first step is Obtaining the receipts from your hospital. Evidence of the receipt is to show the amount that the hospital wants for the services. The original receipts are attached to the claim form which also holds the details of the insured. In the claim form there are details such as the insurance policy number, the name of whoever received the services and the cause for the medical attention.

Filling in of the claim in the claim form is the second step. The insured can source for the claim either from the insurer themselves or just download it from the website. Consequently, one can fill in the claim online and submit it there because its’ easier. Speed, safety and convenience are the reasons why the online method is preferred.

The third step involves making copies of whatever it is you send to the insurer. In case the other party loses documents, one will have evidence. The court demands for these copies in case the insured sues the insurer for failing to settle the claims. Finally one has to review and then send. The document is made accurate because mistakes are noted before they reach the insurer. Ensuring that the document doesn’t go to the wrong party and instead reaches the insurer also happens by counter checking the address.

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